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Buy Equipoise/Bolda (Boldenone undecylenate) UK

What is Equipoise?

Boldenone undecylenate (commonly sold as Bolda and Equipoise) is an androgen/anabolic steroid that helps in improving the testosterone levels in the body. It was originally crafted for veterinary use but has now become quite popular in the bodybuilding community.

How it works

Boldenone has a chemical structure very similar to testosterone. Hence, it helps in protein synthesis and release of erythropoietin in the kidneys. It also enhances muscle endurance helping athletes recover quickly from a workout session.

How To Take Equipoise

Since it is an oil based anabolic drug, the best way of taking in Equipoise is by injecting it into your body. However, one must religiously follow the dosage prescribed to them. If altered, it may cause serious side effects. For women, it may even cause virilization.


Being a strong anabolic steroid, Equipoise must only be used if prescribed. You should also make sure to not increase the dosage without professional recommendation. In terms of compatibility, people suffering from kidney problems, heart problems, liver problems, pregnant/breastfeeding women, diabetes are recommended to not use this drug.

Side effects

Considering how Equipoise is also used in veterinary medicine, it is quite a powerful anabolic steroid. Hence, you should religiously follow your prescriptions to avoid serious side effects. Though some minor side effects may still occur. They include acne development, excessive hair growth, oily skin, increased libido, headache, etc.

How to Buy Equipoise Online

Most pharmacies aren’t legally allowed to sell Equipoise considering how much badly it has been abused over the years in the field of sport. But that’s not to say that it doesn’t provide anabolic benefits. If you are looking to buy Equipoise in the UK, look no further than us at UKSteroids.Shop. We provide anabolic steroids that are safe and completely authentic. In terms of delivery, we deliver to all parts of the UK at a rapid pace with shipping being initiated at the day of ordering.


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Warrior Anabolics Equipoise 300mg