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Warrior Anabolics RapidBulk 350 is a specially made injectable cocktail that can help you bulk up with lean muscle mass and minimal water retention in next to no time. This cocktail combines three anabolic steroids that are consistently used for gains, allowing you to bulk up insanely quickly. Select RapidBulk 350 for quick and noticeable gains.

What is Warrior Anabolic Rapid Bulk 350?

This Anabolic Rapid Bulk 350 is an infusion drug, which is mostly used to cure lean muscularity. Warrior Anabolic Rapid 350 with best effects and this aperitif controls the muscular pain, and it clinches muscles to a strong position for a long time.

Basic elements that Warrior Anabolic is containing are Testosterone Propionate, NNP, and Boldenone Acetate. This Syrette affects the muscles rapidly to gain an alluring look.

How Rapid Bulk 350 works?

Warrior Anabolic Rapid Bulk 350 basically works as a prompt steroid to cover up all the body muscles. Especially it works with lean muscles to gain up the muscle mass; the best thing is that it gives you fast results as per your desire. This drug is compound of three steroid nostrums that are Testosterone 10 ml Vial of- 150mg/ml, 100mg/ml NPP, 100mg/ml Boldenone Acetate. Warrior makes your muscles more inviolable, well-grounded, and sizeable. It helps you to retain little water in your body to hydrate it properly and muscular beauty.

How to take Warrior Anabolic Rapid Bulk?

It is better to take Warrior Rapid Bulk 350 in intramuscular; this medication is given in injection form as directed by your doctor. This medicine should take between 1 to 4 weeks of a month, so it would give you a long-lasting outcome if you are treating yourself at home, so it would be more appropriate for one to use this as per your doctor’s suggestion.


Mostly this kind of medication makes your body strong, voluminous, and attractive but tries to have an opinion of a doctor who can guide you instantly. But the important thing is to tell your previous history of diseases to your physician, which you have faced in the past, especially if you are a diabetic heart patient, your liver is not working accurately. Moreover, you are suffering from Bone -Loss disease so recommended to be treated as your doctor directed you. And if you have taken a dose of Warrior Anabolic Rapid Bulk 350, you would be suggested to leave everything and rest at home. Like other injectable steroids, you must use caution when taking Warrior Anabolics RapidBulk 350. Because of the powerful anabolic properties in this medication, only use a recommended dosage based on your size and weight.

About The Ingredients

Warrior Anabolics RapidBulk 350 includes 150 milligrams of testosterone propionate, 100 milligrams of NPP, and 100 milligrams of boldenone acetate.

  • Testosterone Propionate: An androgen and anabolic steroid that binds to androgen receptors, resulting in more lean muscle mass and little water retention.
  • NPP: Much like testosterone propionate, NPP is also an androgen and anabolic steroid that binds strongly to the androgen receptors. Once again, this leads to increased anabolic effects, such as increased muscle mass.
  • Boldenone Acetate: Boldenone acetate is a primarily anabolic steroid that binds with the androgen receptors.

Together, these three ingredients create an ultra-powerful cocktail for increasing muscle mass and weight loss in a short span of time.

Side effects

A common saying,” Access of everything is bad,” so eventually, you have to restrict yourself for a visit to a doctor who receptacle to guide you better than others. It may have an indestructible effect on muscles and the body. On the other hand, it would make you sleepy, lazy, headaches, and mood changes. So additionally, the following side effects can appear:

  • Weight Loss
  • Unusual Swatting
  • Fainting
  • Trouble in speaking
  • Groin/calf 
  • Shortness of breathing / rapid breathing 
  • Sudden vision changes 
  • Skin color changes 
  • Depression / Increased anger 

How to buy Warrior Anabolic Rapid Bulk 350 Online?

If you are interested in fabricating your muscle mass, so you can purchase Warrior Anabolic Rapid Bulk 350 online easily through UK steroids via cash and through ATM cards. Buy steroids in UK; you might search our different steroids products and snap up steroids in UK Now!

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