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What is TTM Blend?

TTM blend is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids currently available. It is a combination of testosterone cypionate, trenbolone enanthate, and Masteron enanthate all of which combine to boost testosterone levels significantly. This blend is mostly used by advanced bodybuilding athletes only due to its strong nature. Hence, it is always recommended that one gets professional advice before considering this drug.

How it works

Being a tri-blend, the TTM blend comes with a variety of benefits. But the primary benefit of tri-tren is to boost up the user’s testosterone helping them in both muscle protein synthesis and recovery from training. Additionally, it also increases the user’s libido and red blood cell count which if managed properly has its own perks.

How to take TTM Blend

TTM blend is taken by injecting it directly into the muscle tissue of the user. As for the dosage, you must be very careful with this product as its extremely powerful and negative alterations may lead to serious side effects. Doctors usually prescribe about 50 – 100 mg every 2 weeks for beginner men while advanced athletes may take up to 300 mg depending on their sex, structure and experience with anabolic steroids.


Since the TTM blend is quite powerful, it is recommended that beginners try to avoid it or at least take a low dosage. If you are under the age of 12 or are pregnant/breastfeeding, we certainly do not advise even coming close to using it. If not, it is still advised to have regular health checkups (especially blood sugar levels). It is also worth mentioning your current list of medications to your doctor prior to taking the TTM blend.

SIde effects

TTM blend must be used quite cautiously due to its brute anabolic force. If the prescribed dosage isn’t followed rigorously, it may lead to some serious side effects. However, even if you do that, you may face some minor side effects due to the drug’s androgenic nature. They include oily skin, acne development, low sperm count, increased libido, excessive hair growth, etc.

How to buy TTM blend Online

TTM blend is quite popular amongst advanced bodybuilding athletes due to its sheer anabolic power. However, this makes it quite hard to gain access to considering how few bodybuilding athletes go into an advanced level.If you are looking to buy a TTM blend in the UK, look no further than us at UKSteroids.Shop. We provide anabolic steroids that are safe and completely authentic. In terms of delivery, we deliver to all parts of the UK at a rapid pace with shipping being initiated on the day of ordering.

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Warrior Anabolics TTM Blend 225mg